All your customers have a mobile device… And they are addicted to it!

Marketing directly to your customers mobile device gets powerful results and just makes sense!

Why Mobile Marketing?

When reach is a concern, there’s nothing easier than a mobile phone to reach your target audience. 79% of mobile users reported that their phone is the first thing they look at in the morning, and they keep their phone near them throughout the day.  But that’s not all. An average mobile phone user spends 90 minutes a day on their phone other than making calls!

There couldn’t be any other easier way to reach your consumers. You can reach them anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a solid mobile marketing strategy in place. Mobile marketing reaches where other marketing channels simply don’t.

Use your WiFi to supercharge the way you reach customers

Forget random email blasts, with our Social WiFi you have direct contact with your actual customers, not just random people on a database.

Now your marketing can be fully automated based on your customers actual actions and visits to your business in real time.

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Targeted Emails and Text Messages

With our Social WiFi, you can send targeted emails, text messages, digital coupons, digital loyalty cards and MORE directly to your customers. Because our system tracks customer visits, length of stay and even predicts approximate spending, you can get real data about your actual customers!

We create fully automated campaigns based on your customers actions. Automatically prompting them to review you on Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google and more – based on the number of times they visit your business.

Imagine being able to automatically entice customers to return to your business when they have been absent for a specific time. With our Social WiFi – You can do this and so much more!

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Turn your WiFi into a contact collecting powerhouse.

With our Social WiFi, you can get your customers’ real name, email, phone, age and more! All made possible through your branded login portal

Social WiFi will revolutionize the way you get and keep customers!

We would love to give you a Free consultation and demonstration of this working in your business!. Just 15 Minutes of your time may change your business forever!

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Know your customers better

Our WiFi keeps track of your customers habits in your business. It even predicts their approximate spending with you! Giving you vital data to help you run your business and know your customers.

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Social WiFi is the key to targeting your actual customers, keeping them loyal and coming back time and time again to spend their dollars with you instead of your competition. Just 15 minutes of your time may change your business forever!

Want to know more?

Watch this 1 minute video to see how effective Social WiFi can be in your place of business!

Get a Free Demo in your Business!
Get a Free Demo in your Business!

Complete Analytics

You can log into your dashboard and view in REAL TIME the people who are currently connected, how many times they have visited, who visits your business most and much much more!

Grow 5 Star Reviews

Most people just don’t think about reviewing you until you do something wrong… Our system prompts them to review you while they are in your business! This leads to many more 5 star reviews! Protect your reputation with Social WiFi

Do what you do best!

Because our system is fully automated, it works hard to market your business without you having to lift a finger! Automatically sending emails, texts, coupons – enticing people to come back again and again!


Customers connect to your Free WiFi with their existing Social Media Login….


You collect their REAL name, email address, phone number, gender and more! All from their login data!


Now you have their data you can reach out and send Coupons, Emails, Text Messages and more! Includes Full integration with our Digital Loyalty card too!

Social WiFi will REVOLUTIONIZE your business!

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Grow your marketing database | Get to know your customers and demographics | Automated marketing to ACTUAL customers | And More!

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