How Social Wifi  Works

Social WiFi is an innovative technology that allows you to collect customer data simply as they log into your FREE WiFi!  We make it easy for you to not only get connected, but stay connected with your customers!


Customers log in to your Secure Free WiFi using their social login or contact info.


User information is compiled and can be added to your chosen marketing database.


WiFi Login can automatically redirect to gain more likes on your Facebook page, show your specials and more!

Engage with your customers like never before!

Our Social WiFi System collects the demographic data and more of those who connect to your WiFi!  Now you can start to grow your customer list automatically and start engaging with them in real and meaningful ways!

You can be confident that you are sending the right message to the right customer at the right time. Our technology makes it possible to automatically send your customers relevant information based on their actions, location, gender, age and more!

Want to let a lapsed customer know you miss them? Simple.
Want to offer a special birthday treat? Easy.
Want to let ladies over 21 that they get free drinks on Thursday? Done! 

Now you can automate all these tasks so you can engage like never before!

Rock Your Facebook Page Likes!

During the WiFi login process, you can ask your customers to like your Facebook Page. As you build your number of likes, you increase your engagement and marketing reach! As you post compelling content, you will be engaging your customers, and they can share your posts with their friends!

The more you interact with your customers, the better your online relationship will be. This translates to increased visits and increased exposure to their friends! This all starts with your customers connecting to your FREE Social WiFi!

Protect Your Reputation!

Protecting your online reputation with companies like Yelp is so important these days! Now you can send all your customers to your Yelp Page or similar to leave a review of your establishment.

Many customers who leave reviews do so because they had a bad experience. But by redirecting all of your customers to review you generates a wider range of genuine reviews from your most loyal customers. You will not only increase your rating, but a higher volume of reviews also means that a negative review will have less impact.

Fully Automated Marketing!

With Social WiFi, growing your business, engaging with your clients is easier than ever! This automated and simple solution will build your marketing list, automatically reach out to your customers and keep them engaged!

Combine Social WiFi with our Mobile Digital Loyalty Card and you can start reaching your customers in a more engaging way! Send them targeted messages when they are in or around your business, when they leave your business, even when they are near your competitors!

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